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      Cleaning experience and skills for cold insulation of stainless steel castings

      For stainless steel castings, we are in charge of the tools used for repairing sandpaper, brushes, spray paint or bucket paint. When buying paint, buy anti-rust paint or polyester topcoat, and ensure that the number of brushes for stainless steel castings is more than two. The rust spots in the rusted position need to be cleaned with sandpaper.

      How to do the heat treatment of precision castings?

      What can we call a product obtained by using a precision casting mold and by a casting method? The answer is precision castings. Moreover, from the current point of view, its application is more and more extensive, it can be said that it penetrates all industrial sectors, especially electronics, petrochemicals, energy, textiles and other fields.

      Precision casting process and casting equipment

      Precision casting is the main business of our company, so we are required to study it and master its relevant knowledge content, so as to achieve a comprehensive understanding of this purpose.
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